Care Instructions

So you’ve decided to buy the best leggings ever. Congrats!!! Here’s how to love them long time!
Wash them inside out
Washing your athleisure wear inside out can help protect against unnecessary wear and tear and keep the color vibrant and looking new.
Wash with similar items:
Wash your CB gear with other leggings, undies, sports bras, tees etc.
Avoid washing with “heavy duty” items like towels, denim, outerwear or anything with a zipper!
Hand wash or machine wash cold 
In the perfect world, handwashing would always be an option. However, we realize that machine washing on cold is more realistic due to life in general (since we are real women with responsibility, jobs, pets, kids, annoying husbands/boyfriends, school, and wine dates with friends)
Hang Dry!
If you could only choose ONE thing to keep your CB favs looking like new, it’s to avoid putting them in a dryer. Always hang dry or air dry them on a flat surface. Air drying may take more time, but you’ll ensure that your fav pieces keep their shape, color and fit for a lot longer.
Use A Detergent Free Of Fragrances, Dyes, Brighteners & Softeners
Most softeners/scented detergents contain silicone, which can create a coating on the fabric that weakens its breathability and wicking functions. If you accidentally wash your leggings with softener, don't stress; wash your items again without softener, and they should return to the normal. 
Extra tips for keeping your CB favs looking and feeling like new
Since most activewear is made of moisture-wicking material to keep you dry, it is likely to be damp after a workout or all day use. This can create an environment for mildew and mold. To avoid this, hang your leggings up to dry before placing them in your hamper, and the sooner you wash them the better.