Welcome to CB Collective (formerly known as Celestial Bodiez). We started in 2014 with a unique and beautiful vision. Our founder, Celeste Bonin, created what we know today as the “Bootyscrunch Legging”. We were first to market with this innovative and flattering design. The name ‘Celestial Bodiez’ was synonymous with ‘the best fitting leggings out there’. NBD

After 5 years of learning curves, f*ck ups, successes, failures and growth as individuals and as a brand, we started to realize that there was something missing from our ethos. Our ‘WHY” originated in wanting to make the best damn leggings out there. Over the years, it had evolved into making clothing as unique, beautiful, original and WILD as the women that wear them. Not because we need clothes to tell the world who you are but because clothing is our armor of choice.

It was like a sudden light bulb illuminating a dark night. Having the best damn leggings wasn’t our ‘WHY’ anymore, it’s just one of the dope products OF our ‘why’.

This realization changed everything about how and what we do. Within 6 months we rebranded and reinvented ourselves into who we were always meant to be. Just like a goddamn butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

CB Collective isn’t your typical e-commerce brand for women’s athleisure wear. We create unique and limited edition collections year round. With each collection of our core line, there is a unique vibe and style. We’ll never stop creating as long as you never stop becoming.

Our message is close to our hearts. Each member of our all-female team embodies who we are as a brand. The culture we have created is one that was conceived by each woman's desire to be better, truer, wilder. We put our heads together and rebuilt CB to represent our own personal evolutions.


Our new and forever ‘WHYld’ is to make clothing that makes you feel like YOU. To create a feeling, a vibe, a resource for expressing your wildest self.

House of CB Collective:

We built CB Collective with the idea of eventually creating a House of Brands. We expanded our vision from just athleisure wear to lounge wear, denim and more. We’ll be dropping new brand’s by CB Collective one by one.

CB Consulting:

We are also using our vision and creative juices to help other individuals create their own visions for clothing design, branding and marketing through our consulting house.