Why You Should Shop on Small Business Saturday

This holiday season, ditch the long lines and crazy customers you find at large retail chains. Instead, do something wholesome by making meaningful purchases for yourself and loved ones. The best way to do this is by shopping small. If you’re still not convinced, we provided the most compelling reasons as to why you should shop on Small Business Saturday.

Creates Community Support

By shopping on Small Business Saturday, you create a feeling of community support. Whether you’re shopping in your own community or one outside of your town, small business owners feel the support with every purchase.

In today’s modern times, you can also support online communities. Take a look at your social media feed, are there small businesses you subscribe to or follow? By virtually participating in Small Business Saturday, you’re enhancing the online community of users who also appreciate the quality products and services offered by small businesses.

Creates Meaningful Shopping Experiences

Supporting a small business creates a meaningful experience. When you make your gift and other purchases at large retail chains, you’re supporting a corporation that is only concerned with increasing profit margins every holiday season.

Supporting a small business means you’re helping a parent pay off their mortgage. Or you could be helping a college student get through the last few years of their degree. You can feel satisfied knowing that the items you purchase and gift are creating a positive impact in a real person’s life.

Personalized Customer Service

One of the most beneficial reasons to shop on Small Business Saturday is the fact that you will receive an unparalleled level of customer service. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, online purchases are going to be off the charts, probably more than ever before. By shopping small, you won’t have to worry about spending hours on the phone trying to navigate automated messages to reach customer service for any returns or exchanges.

Many small business owners put their hearts and souls into the products and services they provide. When you shop small, the product you buy and the customer service you receive will exceed your expectations.

Helps Create Brand Awareness

The final reason to shop on Small Business Saturday is that you’re helping create brand awareness. The best thing you can do for your favorite small business is to provide them with positive word-of-mouth advertising. Be sure to share your reviews, hauls, and try-ons to directly support a small brand.

There are many reasons why you should shop on Small Business Saturday, but the most important one is the meaning behind it. By shopping small, you are making a big impact on many business owners. If you’re looking to give the gift of stylish and kick-ass athleisure wear, check out our selections. Here at Celestial Bodiez Collection, we are a small business that offers a variety of ruched workout leggings, stylish joggers, and supportive tops and bras to make every woman feel like the true boss babe she is.