What's your Wild?

What’s your Wild? 

The burning question that only the most pure version of YOU can answer. 

To me, it’s asking “what is the truest and most beautiful life you can imagine?’

Have you ever heard the Story of the Golden Buddha?

I first listened to it through a guided meditation on a particularly tough day; an emotionally tough day. I was struggling with HOW to let go of some painful things that I felt were holding me back. I searched youtube for “guided meditation for letting go”. During and after, tears rolled down my cheeks. I felt like it allowed the truest version of me to shine through the cloudy emotional battlefield that exists on the shallow layers of my being.

 This is my personal take away. The story is about a monastery forced to relocate due to a highway development. With heavy hearts, The monks arranged for a crane to move their giant and sacred clay Buddha to it’s new home. As the crane started to lift the statue, it began to crack. The monks immediately halted the move and decided to relocate the statue with better and more equipped machinery the following day. 

That night, it began to rain. One of the monks covered the statue with tarps to protect the cracking Buddha from the rain. In the middle of the night, the head monk went to check on the statue. As he lifted the tarps and shone his flashlight, he saw a shiny glare reflecting the light in the crack of the clay. He began to remove the remaining tarps and started chipping away at the clay. When he was done, a giant Golden Buddha stood before him. 

The Golden Buddha represents who we are at the core. Slowly and steadily buried under layers of painful memories, trauma, labels and limitations that we give ourselves. As the monks were forced to move their sacred monastery, the layers of the Buddha cracked and were torn away, leaving a pure gold statue. What a symbol and reminder that we sometimes forget who we are. 

In the wake of a painful event, are we able to tear away the layers of our conditioning and emotional pain and scars to see that wild and beautiful version of ourselves? This is the solid, pure gold version of us that is untouched by everything that we think we are. 

Ask THAT version of you, “What’s your Wild? What’s the truest and most beautiful life you can imagine?”

Each time I ask myself that, I am inspired by so many beautiful moments, realizations and newly found love for myself. Those moments lead to inspiration on every level. *A little know fact* ...THAT is how the concept for unique limited edition collections was created. Each Collection carries a message that I want to share with the world. I hope that my message can inspire or spark something in you. CB Collective is not just about Booty Scrunch leggings anymore. We crave deeper meaning, more connection and desire to share from our hearts.