What You Can Use Instead of Gym Weights

The world is looking like a crazy place—still. Our routines still haven’t gotten back to what we’re used to, and so we need to get creative. Now, if you followed our tips on how to get back into your workout routine—awesome job! But, if you’re stuck in a bit of a rut because you don’t have the weights you need to make that HIIT workout a success or properly get in your leg day, don’t fret. Remember—creativity can take you far, even when it comes to weights. Below, we’ve listed out what you can use instead of gym weights. Now there’s no excuse for why you can’t grind out and get those glutes working!

Milk or Water Jugs

If you’ve got gallons sitting around, take them out of the fridge for a bit, make sure they’re sealed, and get lifting. These are great for arm workouts but can also work as a weight to hold during squats or Romanian deadlifts. Depending on how much you feel comfortable lifting, you can dump some of the liquid out or pour more in.

Plastic Water Bottles

If you need some dumbbells for your cardio workout, then water bottles will do just the trick. You can fill them with water, sand, or even stones to add more weight. Try your best to measure out how much you’re putting in each bottle so that the weight is evenly-placed in both hands.

Paint Cans

Another option for when you need some dumbbells, paint cans can give you more to work with in terms of weight and balance. You’ll have to control your muscles a bit more so that the cans don’t swing all over the place, but other than that, they’ll work similarly to your gym weights. Again, try to find two cans that are similar in weight.

Books in a Backpack

If you need your weight to travel well, then put some books in a backpack. You can go on weighted runs, weighted stair climbs, and even use them as you work on legs or arms. That said, you need to be even more careful with your form, especially if your back isn’t super strong. Keep your belly button pulled towards your back and make sure that you’re not arching or curving your spine.

Resistance Bands

If you don’t have weights at home, but you have bands—make use of them. Bands are what you should use for leg day if you don’t have gym equipment, and they make for great arm and back workouts as well. There are so many options for how you can use these. Just search for which part of the body you’re focusing on and add “resistance band workouts,” and you’ll get tons of results in an instant.

Our favorites for leg day are donkey kickbacks, standing glute kickbacks, leg bridges, lateral-band steps, and clamshells. The options are endless!

Even though we can’t work out and get healthy in the way we expected, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Luckily, with these options for what you can use instead of gym weights, you can still maintain the path toward a healthier, stronger body! If you need the clothes to get your confidence there, turn to Celestial Bodiez Collective. We have ruched workout leggings that are both comfortable and squat-proof, accentuating your glute-work with our bootyscrunch design, and tops that show off your newly toned arms. Shop our collections now, and enjoy!