What to Look for When Shopping for Leggings

The clothes we wear make a pretty big difference in how we feel. No matter what the occasion, feeling like we’re wearing the wrong thing is a surefire way to make us question our self-confidence. Whether you’re too casual at a wedding or your clothes don’t fit well enough at the gym, it makes an impact on how we feel about ourselves.

Truth be told, we should never put on clothes that make us feel uncomfortable, lacking in confidence, or like we’re not good enough, no matter the situation. This is why it’s important to take the time to think about what you’re wearing and ensure that what you purchase is the best fit for you and your needs.

In the past, we talked about the importance of getting the right sized sports bra. That follows the same idea—if your sports bra doesn’t fit you, you aren’t going to feel comfortable or confident when you’re at the gym. It’s the same concept with leggings. If you find yourself constantly yanking up your leggings, avoiding the squat rack because your leggings are see-through, or ripping through them easily, then you’re not getting the best pair for you or your confidence. To help you on the path toward smarter shopping and fuller confidence, we’ve laid another buying guide. Below, you’ll find what to look for when shopping for leggings. Check it out!

Investigate the Material

It’s time to stop buying your leggings from the drugstore—especially if you plan on wearing them to the gym. Those leggings aren’t typically made with the best material to give you what you need in the gym or on the streets. Instead, you want to investigate the materials and ensure that you’re making the fabric choice that prioritizes breathability and moisture-wicking.

For example, cotton isn’t the best bet for workout leggings. They soak up and hold on to sweat. Look for mixtures of polyester, nylon, spandex, bamboo, or econyl—these are your best bets for breathability, moisture-wicking, and comfort!

Pay Attention to Length

Don’t make the mistake of ordering a pair of leggings online and not actually paying attention to the length. This tends to be an issue for people online because the shape of the model may not be the shape of your actual body. What looks like full-length on them may come up to 3/4-length on you.

 Additionally, the length of the leggings you choose will play a role in your overall comfort. Depending on the exercise you do, the weather, and other factors, the length of legging will play a role in your overall comfort. Wearing biker shorts in the winter probably isn’t the best move. Think about what you’ll be doing before you buy—better yet, purchase multiple lengths so that you never have to worry!

Check Out the Seams

This may seem like such a minuscule thing to look at, but it can make a bigger impact on comfort than you realize. Some leggings may have raised seams, and while that doesn’t bother some, it can cause extra irritation for others. If that’s something you’ve noticed irritates you, then you’ll want to pay extra attention to the seams before you buy. Use that zoom feature!

Look for High-Rise

We’re not suggesting high-rise just because it’s in style—although it is, and you should play along. Really, though, we’re suggesting you look for high-rise leggings because they’ll help you feel more comfortable. Not only will you worry less about yanking up your leggings mid-squat, but the fit tends to help women feel like their figures are more supported and flattered.

Make sure you pair your search for high-rise leggings with your investigation into material. Sometimes, even if you get a pair of high-rise leggings but they aren’t made with compression materials, they can still slip down easily. Some leggings and materials even go through a stretch recovery test to see whether or not they’ll stand up to your standards.

Look for a Gusset

Gusset may not be the most attractive sounding word, but it does a lot for your overall confidence. A gusset is typically a triangle or diamond shape near the crotch area. It prevents wedgies and any “riding up” on either side—which is a big aspect to look for. If you’re wearing these leggings for anything other than lounging you’ll want to have a gusset present in your leggings.

Say Yes to BootyScrunch

If you want to accentuate your curves, boost your confidence, and get leggings that perfectly shape your body, look for BootyScrunch leggings. It’s a little detail that will take your legging search from sub-par to absolutely killer. Better yet, just turn straight to Celestial Bodiez Collective to ensure that you get all of your legging needs met!

Do the Squat Test/Knee Test

One of the most important things to look for when shopping for leggings has to do with how see-through the leggings are. Figuring this out can be done in a few different ways. The first step—actually try them on. If you’re ordering online, make sure that you can return them if they don’t pass these tests.

Once you’ve got the leggings on, look in a mirror and take these two tests: the knee test and the squat test.

Knee Test

Check out the opacity at the front of the leggings, by bending your knee really tightly. If you can see through it at all, then it’s a sign that the leggings aren’t as opaque as you want them to be.

Squat Test

This is the same general idea as the knee test. However, it gets a little bit more intense, showcasing truly how much resistance the leggings will allow. Turn around and squat with your butt toward the mirror. When you reach the lowest point, check and see if there is anywhere that seems see-through. Keep in mind that any sheerness can grow the more you wear the leggings. You want total opacity when it comes to the squat test.

Extra Features per Activity

Once you’ve looked at all of the aspects above, then you can delve into the extra features some leggings include. If you’re a runner, then you’ll want leggings with reflective trim for running in low light. Maybe you want extra protection from leggings slipping down—look for pairs with adjustable drawstring waists. Maybe you need pockets, or maybe you want mesh inserts; whatever it is, don’t let it trump any of the above aspects!

If you need a solid company to turn to for your leggings, check out Celestial Bodiez Collective. We offer squat-proof workout leggings with a BootyScrunch feature that will give you all the protection you need. Better yet, we thrive on creating leggings, rises, styles, and sizes so that women feel empowered no matter where they’re wearing their leggings. Shop our collections now!

What to Look for When Shopping for Leggings Infographic