Tips to Increase Your Workout Effectiveness at Home

Being at home for so long may have put a damper on your workout routine. Maybe you were already used to working out at home or maybe you’ve never worked out at home—either way, it’s been a long time. Things start to get stale at this point in the game; so, what can you do to boost motivation and enhance your workout’s effectiveness? If you’re in an exercise slump and don’t feel like you’re getting enough bang for your buck, try out some of these tips to increase your workout effectiveness at home. You won’t regret it!

Listen to Music to Boost Your Energy

If you feel like your energy before your workout is going downhill, then make sure you’re listening to the right music to get you going. Many guided workout apps know how to pair their music with the heart rate—this can help you stick with pacing and feel more energized. In addition, music can foster your recovery; listening to slow music boosts levels of serotonin and dopamine, therefore fostering recovery.

Eat Smart Before and After

The food you eat before your workout—and what you put in your body afterward for recovery—makes a big difference on effectiveness. If you haven’t had enough carbs or proteins before the workout, then your body isn’t going to put out as strong of an effort. Even if you’re used to a morning workout, make sure to at least grab some toast or oatmeal before you get started.

After the fact, it’s essential to follow through with solid post-workout nutrition—it’s crucial to any fitness goal. It’ll help replenish glycogen levels, boost your ability to build muscle, decrease protein breakdown, and so much more. Remember, though—that doesn’t mean you need to over-do the protein powder!

Switch Up Your Routine

One of the most important tips to increase your workout effectiveness at home has to do with the routine you’ve set for yourself. If you only run six days a week and don’t do anything else, then you could benefit from some strength training or interval workouts. When you only stick to one type of exercise, you limit your body and your growth. Add different workout types to target all different areas of your body, while also leaving room for recovery on rest days.

Actually Rest When You Need It

Speaking of off days—make sure that you’re leaving time for rest. If you notice on day three or four of working out that your workout is lackadaisical and slow, then give your body a chance to recover. You’ll be that much more effective, capable, and strong if you give your body the chance to recoup.

In addition, actually sleep. It’s easier to rest when you’re at home and not sprinting off from the office, to the gym, or to the store. However, it’s also easier to not get as high-quality of rest when you’re at home all the time. They both affect each other—working out will help you rest, and solid rest will help you exercise more effectively.

And, of course, another one of our favorite ways to increase your workout effectiveness is by ensuring you’re wearing the right outfit. Get leggings that support you, an athletic sports bra that protects you, and whatever else you need to feel powerful. Check out Celestial Bodiez Collective for all the clothes you need!