The Physical and Mental Benefits of Staying Active

If you follow along with us, you’re sure to know how passionate we are about working out and daily movement. If this is your first time checking us out, this blog will show you just how much we love the rewards we get from getting up and getting moving each day.

There’s such power in daily movement. It gets us out of our minds and focuses us on getting our body to feel good. It builds our confidence—helping us feel stronger, healthier, and more in-tune with our body’s needs. Working out and daily movement motivates everybody differently, but its rewards stay pretty consistent across the board. Learn more about the physical and mental benefits of staying active below, and take a look into why our bodies love squats, curls, and movement.

Physical Benefits of Movement

Helps to Burn Fat in the Body

One of the big positives of staying active is that it helps burn fat in the body. There are tons of different workout formats that target burning fat as you move, and if that’s your goal, you can find something that works for you. Better yet, movement helps build mass and muscle tone and helps strengthen the body.

Can Reduce Health Risks

When you keep up with your workout routine, you’re helping reduce the chances of some pretty severe health risks. Like we said, staying active can help burn fat in the body, which provides a healthier place for your heart, therefore reducing the risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Movement is also considered advantageous in the management of a variety of disorders, such as diabetes, hypertension, and even some cancers.

Think about it this way—your body craves movement. Even if it’s not the most intense of workouts, even a walk around the block can help bring energy to your step, loosen up joints, and help clear your lungs. The more you move, the more rewards you reap!

Improves Coordination and Flexibility

As we just briefly mentioned, even a walk around the block can help loosen up stiff joints. Staying active can improve the coordination in all different aspects of your body. It can help with your neuromuscular coordination, your hand-eye coordination, and more. When you limit your body from movement, your body will “forget” how to move. The more you move, the more comfortable your body will become with stretching, pulling, lifting, and bending.

It’s the idea of practice making perfect. If you never move it, you’ll lose it. But the more you move and work with it, the easier your body will move and work.

Strengthen Bones and Muscles

Not only does staying active improve coordination and burn fat, but it also helps strengthen your bones and muscles. People used to say that milk was the key to strong, healthy bones. In reality, exercise is a key aspect that builds and maintains strong, healthy bones. As you get older, loss of bone density is a common malady, but research has shown that the more aerobic, weight-bearing activity you do, the slower the loss of bone density.

Regular exercise helps you build the strong and healthy muscles that your body needs to thrive. Strong muscles support joints, bones protect organs and nerves, and so much more.

Mental Benefits of Movement

Helps You Cope With Depression and Anxiety

One of the most significant benefits of consistent movement and exercise is that it stimulates endorphins. Endorphins are a group of hormones that are secreted during a variety of experiences—working out or movement in general is one of them. You can think of this as the “runner’s high” that people talk about. The more you move, the more endorphins are released, which helps induce relaxation in your mind. Exercise and movement can often make it “easier” to cope with depression and anxiety.

This is a huge reason for a lot of people to work out and find that motivation to continue to do so. If we’re feeling sad, we can work out and feel better. If we’re angry, we can work out and calm our mind. Staying active is one of the most positive ways to expound emotions.

Can Enhance Memory and Concentration

Daily movement and activity can help improve your memory and your concentration. Exercise boosts brain power—there have been quite a few studies that show how cardiovascular activity can actually produce new brain cells. This is called neurogenesis, and when you’re out and moving, your brain power boosts as these new brain cells grow. Movement also helps strengthen a part of the brain called the hippocampus, which is the region of the brain that’s in control of memory and learning.

Think about it with dancing. When people first start dancing and learning specific steps, the brain may not retain those steps. The more you move, the more you dance and practice, the easier it is to memorize steps. This is a prime example of what staying active can do for your memory.

Improves Your Self-Confidence

We’re not saying it’s easy or that after your first workout you’ll suddenly feel 100 percent in love with yourself, but—and this is a big but, here—it will get easier. The more work you put in, the more you’ll feel that self-confidence grow. Staying active, whether it’s daily hikes or rowing machines, helps improve your self-image. Not because you may be losing weight or putting on muscle, but because this active lifestyle helps your mind appreciate your body more. You’ll genuinely feel stronger, happier, and more capable, and those go a long way toward improving your self-confidence.

There are so many ways to accomplish improved physical fitness. With all of this coronavirus upheaval, we may tend to lose sight of the things that bring us joy and instead focus on the negatives. This blog right here showed you the physical and mental benefits of staying active, and even just a little bit of movement can go a long way. Take the time and go for a walk or get back into your workout routine or dance around the house—just get moving and stay moving!

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