The first pillar of self care: Physical self care

Self Care.  Yes, we hear this word constantly.  I’m sorry to say, it is not just manis, pedis, and shopping sprees.  Self care takes work.  Self care must be intentional.  

There are 4 pillars to focus on when dealing with our own self-care—physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.  

Physical self care isn’t just working out and getting facials.  It is about loving your physical being, the space you take up in the world, and respecting it for what it does for you.

This means what you put into your physical body through nourishment, what you put your body through during activity, and how you use your body to express yourself.  It doesn’t mean eating chicken and carrots and strapping yourself to an elliptical.  It is respecting your physical body and treating it with the care it deserves.

Nourish it with foods that not only taste great, but are good for you.  Maybe nourish it with great friends around and create memories around what you’re eating.  Be mindful that everything you put into your physical body is fuel for all the amazing things you are going to do.

Move your body in a way that wakes up your soul.  Whether that is lifting weights until you’re so sore you can’t move, hiking a mountain to see the sunrise, or a sun salutation to reconnect to yourself. 

Whatever you do, treat your physical body with love.  You have one home for the rest of your life.  Make sure you are honoring it each day and treating it with the kindness it deserves.  Take care of it, dress it up, and show it off.  

I am most confident and loved in my physical body once I’ve gotten a good sweat in, eat a hearty meal with family, and am sitting on the floor like a child in the original booty scrunch leggings and a power tank.  Why the power tank?  I am proud of my body.  I take care of my physical self so I can feel empowered in every inch of my being, in everything I decide to do, every single day.

Nothing makes me more proud of my commitment to physical self care than dressing it up in an outfit, carefully crafted by a brand who believes in me, believes in women, and believes anyone can conquer the world in the right outfit.

Stay tuned as we go through the other 3 pillars of self care..


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