The Different Types of Leggings

The clothes we wear are a big part of our first impressions on people, but they’re also a big part of our confidence. Wearing clothes that don’t make us feel good or leave us uncomfortable doesn’t make us feel confident and typically doesn’t convey the first impression we’d like. Luckily, the fashion and athleisure industries are putting out a wide variety of clothing options that keep women feeling comfortable and confident. One of those clothing items that do just that is leggings. Leggings have been around for quite some time, but in past years have become increasingly popular and mainstream.

Companies produce workout leggings, leggings for relaxing, leggings for work, and so much more—they’ve become a multi-faceted clothing item that almost every woman has in her closet. Here at Celestial Bodiez Collective, we love our leggings. We love the confidence they bring, the support they give us, and the versatility they bring to our lifestyles. If you’re like us, then take a look below at our guide to the different types of leggings to see what other ways this versatile item can spice up your closet and your confidence. Check them out!


You’ll find that there is quite a variety of legging materials. Depending on what you’re wearing them for, you’ll want to pay attention to what kind of leggings you’re purchasing. We wouldn’t recommend solely cotton leggings for working out, for example, as those are often not sweat-proof.


Cotton is a very popular legging material, but as we mentioned, it’s probably not the best choice for your workout legging. They are great, however, for those days when you just want to chill at home or if you want to pair them with your favorite sweater and head out to brunch with the girls.

Polyester or Polyester Blend

Polyester or polyester blend leggings are a very popular choice when it comes to activewear leggings. It’s a hydrophobic fabric, which means that it’s water-resistant and sweat-wicking—great for workouts. The one thing is, however, is that sometimes polyester fabrics harbor smell easily, so you’ll want to opt instead for leggings with a polyester blend, rather than strictly polyester. Polyester-spandex blends are a fantastic choice for activewear leggings.


Spandex is another popular fabric for activewear leggings, and you’ll find that most workout leggings have at least some percentage of spandex in them. It’s a stretchy fabric, great for hugging the body and moving with it. It’s not the best material on its own, however, as it’s not the most breathable.


The lack of breathability in solely spandex leggings is why you’ll find even more leggings with some sort of spandex mix, such as nylon-spandex. Nylon is wonderfully durable, lightweight, and easy to care for. When you mix that durability with the hug of spandex, you’ll find that perfect fit. It’s a great material choice for both performance and style.


The love of leggings out in the world has produced a lot of innovation in the different ways we can wear them in our everyday lives. Because of this, a lot of different lengths have come to fruition. Some of the most popular are listed below.


Ankle-length is probably the most popular type of leggings for women. It’s an incredibly versatile length you can tailor to fit your style needs. They can be worn to the gym, worn with boots to work—wherever you want to wear them, ankle-length leggings are the perfect choice.

Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are coming back in style, and they’re not just for riding on a bike. This legging length is becoming a huge trend in the athleisure world, so make sure you pick up a pair in a staple color. They’ll sit right above your knee or a little higher and are great to wear with chunky sneakers and an oversized tee or a vented sweatshirt.

Capri (Mid-Calf)

Capri, mid-calf, or 3/4-length leggings are another popular choice and work well for those hot days in the gym. They are almost as versatile as ankle-length but don’t work as well in the colder months. They’re a little bit more obviously leggings when you wear them to work, but they are a great choice for the gym and for relaxation.


You might not find many stirrup workout leggings, but they are great for athleisurewear and comfort clothing in the colder months. They have a strap that connects under the foot and up to the ankle, so the fabric doesn’t ride up when you wear them with boots.


There are tons—and we mean tons—of different legging styles. They basically come in whatever you need them for. Do you need a neon pink for 80s day? Do you need an animal print? A pair to gift your pregnant friend? A pair for when you squat all day at the gym? There’s a legging out there for what you need. Below are some of our favorite styles.


If you want to emphasize how much work you’ve been putting in at the gym, then bootyscrunch leggings are for you. Patented by our powerful CEO, Celeste Bonin, these leggings provide the support and comfort of your favorite leggings with extra features to lift and give you that aesthetic you’ve been searching for. They’ll define, accentuate, and lift—they’re always a good choice.

Thermo Compression

We’re sure you’ve heard of compression leggings, which help with blood flow and so much more, but have you heard of thermo-compression leggings? They are perspiration triggering, fat-burning leggings that help speed up your sweat production, helping people lose weight and reduce fat fast.


The leggings at CB Collective are the squat-proof leggings you’ve been waiting for. One of the worst things is getting home from the gym and realizing that the leggings you’ve been squatting in all day are super see-through once you bend over. These, however, give you just the support and comfort you need.


Another style that won’t go out of style for a while is high-waisted leggings. When you wear these while working out, you won’t have to worry about constantly hiking up your pants. They help you feel more confident and work with a variety of tops. Pair that with the squat proof and booty scrunch leggings of CB Collective, and you’ll have the perfect pair of leggings!

For all your legging needs, turn to Celestial Bodiez Collective! We have legging staples and limited editions that feature unique styles and patterns but still uphold our squat-proof and booty scrunch mentality. We want you to wear our booty scrunch workout leggings joggers, tops, and hats so you’ll feel confident, sexy, and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you. Shop our clothes now!

The Different Types of Leggings