Stylish Ways To Dress Up Your Joggers

Joggers were once considered loungewear that you could wear around the house or to sleep. However, recent years have actually proven that they’re the most versatile piece of clothing to dress up. They’re a true staple in the realm of athleisure, and if you’re looking for stylish ways to dress up your joggers, try out the suggestions we provide here. You’ll be rocking your joggers in the most stylish and badass way possible.

Be Specific About Your Jacket

Joggers call for sweatshirts, right? Wrong. Sweaters can dress-down your look. You want to be selective about what you’re wearing to keep you warm. Because joggers are most popular in the fall and winter seasons, try to diversify your layering options. There are a variety of different jacket options to dress up your look. Here are a few examples:


The jean jacket has been a popular wardrobe must-have since the 90s. It instantly gives your outfit a chill and badass appeal. And the best part is that denim comes in a variety of colors and shades, including black, white, light wash, or dark wash. The possibilities are endless. If you’re really going for a streetwear look, consider adding rips to your denim jacket or investing in one with unique colors, wording, or designs on it.


Leather jackets are the cherry on top when it comes to dressing up your joggers. They can quickly turn a simple sneaker and jogger combo into a New York Fashion Week-approved look. Many celebrities and models have turned to leather jackets to complete their athleisure looks.

Blazers and Fall Coats

If you have a stylish blazer or coat that you haven’t pulled out of the closet just yet, throw it on the next time you wear a pair of joggers. These two pieces are stylish for the fall and winter seasons because they make it appear as if you put plenty of effort into your outfit, all while still giving your outfit warmth and comfort. It’s a win-win situation.

Other Ways To Layer up

Yes, the jacket you choose to dress up with is important, but choosing other ways to layer can also have a positive impact on your outfit’s overall look. Scarves and cardigans are great additions when dressing up your joggers. Be intentional with your fashion choices, and you’ll be sure to look your best.


Aside from jackets and other layers, the top you choose can be crucial. Depending on what top you decide to wear, additional layers may even be unnecessary. You can go casual with a button-down or flannel top, or take things up an extra level with a striped long sleeve shirt or another business casual top that you’d typically wear with skirts or slacks.

What’s on Your Feet Matters

Before you reach for your favorite pair of sneakers, pause. Think about all the other shoes you have in your closet, both full glam and casual. Chances are, they would go great with your joggers. The next time you’re debating what shoes to wear, consider choosing from our list here.


While it may seem as if joggers and heels don’t go together, because they typically serve different outfit styles, they actually make a stylish combination. Whether you’re going with a pointed toe, strappy ankle, or stiletto heel, these shoes are guaranteed to dress up your outfit.


Just like denim, the fall and winter seasons are a great time for booties, and luckily, booties go great with joggers. They can add length to your appearance because of the upright stance it gives you, so you’ll appear tall and feel confident.

Canvas Shoes

For a more casual and glam duo, canvas shoes are a great option. Whether they’re a pair of Vans, Converse, or Toms, they can truly make your outfit appear more put together. They’re certainly a more stylish alternative to your typical gym shoes.


This may be the most crucial tip in dressing up your look. Joggers can instantly go from comfy to head-turning with the right accessories. Below are a few options you can choose to add to your look.

  • Watches – Whether sporty or full glam, they will both complement your look.
  • Necklaces – This can be as simple as a gold or silver choker or as detailed as a long chain.
  • Earrings – Diamond studs or long boho-style earrings will both add a chic touch to your ensemble.

Choose One Piece of Glam

If you feel that are too many ways to dress up your joggers and you can’t seem to make a choice, make a statement with one specific piece of glam. This can be your favorite large tote that adds a bit of luxury to any outfit, or it can be your favorite bucket hat or a fancy fedora. Pick one item to really steal the entire look.

Change up Your Hair

If you have a typical go-to look for your hair, try to switch things up when dressing up your joggers. There are a variety of ways to do so. Here are a few looks to complement your fit.

  • High and slicked back – That’s how you want your ponytail to look. Dodge the low pony that’s parted down the middle, and instead, look sleek and put-together with a high pony.
  • Space buns – For the ultimate jogger and heel combo, have some fun with your hair and style it in two voluminous buns. Even one full-effort, messy bun will do the trick and pull your outfit together.
  • Beach curls – A few curls here and there can create an effortless beach-waves look that is perfect for a blazer and jogger combination.

You don’t have to be too extra with your hair—switching things up slightly from your usual look can really make a difference. Changing your hairstyle will take the casual and athletic look away from joggers, and instead, turn it into a fire outfit.

You Can Still Dress up for the Gym

As much fun as it is to dress up your athleisure wear, you can still make your workout clothing look stylish while you’re trying to achieve serious gains. Our women’s athletic tops can bring your outfit together for the most stylish and badass look possible. Whether you’re pairing them with joggers or leggings, they’ll be sure to have people wondering where you got your outfit.

These are just a few stylish ways to dress up your joggers. For the best look, stick to your personal style and choose what you feel most comfortable with. That’s how you’ll be able to feel your best in your favorite pair of joggers. To highlight your best features, check out our joggers with booty scrunch technology. They’ll really compliment your look.

Stylish Ways To Dress Up Your Joggers