Looking for a new fitness podcast? Well, look no further!

Hey y’all! I’m Laurin Conlin, owner of Team LoCoFit. We’re an online nutrition and training team that uses strategic coaching methods to help our clients look, feel and perform their best, all while teaching them how to succeed for life! As a team, our goal is to cut through the noise of the fitness industry that is filled with questionable advice and educate + empower as many people as we can in the process. We’ve dedicated our podcast, the Team LoCoFit Roundtable to just that! 

Each week we cover topics from nutrition, to training, to mental health, to relationships to coaching solutions with our team of expert coaches, our team mental health professional and highly knowledgeable guests. My blog posts will be a review of some of our best content of the month! 

Last month, we did a two part series on cognitive distortions. These are commonly referred to as thinking errors in the field of psychology, too. Cognitive distortions are something we all struggle with but are affected by them on a spectrum. Meaning, you might exhibit harsher tendencies for some versus others. As an example, black and white thinking might be really challenging for you, while for someone else that might not be as much of a problem but they use justifications for just about everything. Our two part series covered the most common cognitive distortions, especially in relation to our clients and the listeners of our podcast, and how to challenge those thinking errors and grow from them. 

We did another two part series on physique competitions. Physique competitions have exploded in popularity over the past several years but we want to make sure our clients and listeners always have a full understanding of the positives and negatives associated with competing. Too often the industry either focuses solely on the positive, which doesn’t give enough insight into the unique challenges of the extreme physiological and mental changes that occur. On the counter, there are many people who bash competing and only talk about the negatives, which really isn’t a fair assessment either. This two part series first covers why you should compete and the second uncovers the darkside of competing

There were many other great episodes including Supplements 101, where we cover the basics to supplementation, and How to be Coachable, which is an incredibly important topic in our field. We also had Dr. Bill Campbell on to discuss some of the latest physique science research on refeeds and diet breaks as well as a unique new study their lab at USF is doing on a rapid fat loss protocol

We put out new episodes every Monday and Wednesday! We hope you enjoy the content :) So cuddle up in a nice pair of the Celestial Bodiez Collective sweats and give it a listen! 




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