How to Wear Your Patterned Leggings

We all love our leggings. They’re our comfort, our go-to after a long day, and our favorite thing to slide on for a workout, for a chilly fall day, or for whatever we need them for. In a past blog, we talked about the different types of leggings out there in the world—there’s a lot. Today, we’re going to delve into the world of patterned leggings; how are we supposed to wear them without looking foolish? We’ve come up with just the guide you need. Learn more about how to wear your patterned leggings here with these tips!

Start Subtle

The big mistake a lot of people make when it comes to patterned leggings is going too bold too quickly. If you’re someone who sticks to blacks and neutrals and then suddenly shows up in neon yellow striped leggings, it’s going to seem strange. Our suggestion? Start with something subtle—mesh inlets, tiny polka-dots, and even tie-dye are a small enough start that will help you acclimate to wearing bolder pieces.

Make Leopard Your Go-To

Leopard leggings will go with a variety of clothing styles, and the print is on-trend right now. Whether you dress it up or wear it for your workout, a nice pair of leopard print leggings are a staple you can rock.

Also, think about the different styles of leopard print leggings. You can go for something subtle, like an all-black leopard print, including some of our top-selling scrunch back leggings, or you can go for something a little bolder, with bright colors and big print. The choice is yours, but it’s definitely one you should make!

Keep Your Top Simple

Taking those two tips on how to wear your patterned leggings into consideration, make sure that you keep your top simple. Even if you’re keeping it subtle on the bottoms, overdoing patterns is a fashion faux pas. That said, if you’re going with a set—with the same style leggings as your sports bra—then that’s something that’s trending right now. But, if you’re thinking of pairing leopard leggings with a striped top, that’s too much pattern.

Keep it simple with a neutral-colored top—blacks and whites are our favorite.

Consider the Length

When it comes to styling, you have to pay attention to the lengths of the leggings. For example, if you’re going with a printed biker short, then chances are you’ll style that differently than full-length leggings. If you’re taking your biker shorts from gym to patio brunch, then you can throw on an oversized tee and chunky sneakers for an 80’s vibe. But if you’re taking full-length leggings from gym to late-night drinks, then you can toss on a sweater (cropped or not) and some booties.

Wear It With Confidence

Our final tip is our most important—wear your leggings with confidence. If you’re shy about wearing the patterned leggings, and it dims your confidence, then you won’t pull off the look as well. No matter what body shape, how active, and how fashionable you are, your confidence is the thing that draws people near. And your confidence is what makes you feel better. Rock the look, no matter which pattern you choose!

Confidence also comes from choosing the right brand. For all your legging needs, turn to Celestial Bodiez Collective. Made with the material that will keep you lifted, covered, and confident, you’ll never shop somewhere else again!