How to Stay Motivated for a Fitness Competition

The coronavirus has put a dent in a lot of people’s plans. From travel plans to various life plans, the goals we had at the beginning of 2020 have suddenly evaporated. But even though our plans may not come to fruition exactly when we wanted them to, that doesn’t mean that they can’t still happen in the future. There’s still room to grow, improve, and enhance so that, when the time comes, your goals seem that much more attainable.

It’s that same mentality that you need to carry with you as fitness competitions get pushed further and further back. Even though they aren’t not happening now, that doesn’t mean they won’t happen later—which means there’s still time to enhance and improve. But if you’re struggling to find that fire, check out our brief guide on how to stay motivated for a fitness competition, even when you’re not sure when the next one will occur. Find your fire, and keep fueling it!

Stay Keyed on Your “Why”

This is probably one of the most important tips for staying motivated for a fitness competition. When you keep your eye on why you’re doing this, it will follow you even in the face of a postponed competition. If you’re doing this to stay healthy, then continue on that path to stay healthy. Keeping your purpose in mind offers powerful clarity on those days when postponed competitions get you down.

Another important tip—try to expand your why beyond extrinsically driven reasons. If it’s just to look good or look strong, that may not motivate you long-term. Try to key in on some intrinsically driven motivators, since they’ll be more sustainable!

Set Goals, Reach Them, and Then Set More

Another essential bit of advice involves your goal setting. It’s easy to lose sight of your goals when things keep getting postponed. But if you want to stay motivated, then you have to keep those goals at the forefront of your brain. If your goal is to really cut your abs, then keep that in mind as you work. When you reach those goals, set more. You may not know when your next competition is, but that can also act as a motivator to set and then crush different goals for yourself.

Try keeping little motivating messages for yourself throughout your home. A whiteboard with your goals or sticky notes on the mirror—whatever will get you in-tune with your goals.

Surround Yourself With Motivated Training Partners

Everyone seems to know this. If you’re working out by yourself, you may not be as motivated to get to the gym, to go on that run, or to stick to your meal plan. When you have partners who are there to help you stay on track, that’ll encourage you to stay motivated. Even when competitions get pushed back, these are the people you can turn to when you need an extra spark.

Keep Track of Your Growth

Lastly, keep track of how you’re refining, enhancing, and improving. For some, this may mean taking pictures that track your growth; for others, it means using fitness trackers to see the calorie burn. The truth is, growth looks different for everyone, but keeping track of it can help you stay focused on your goals.

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