How to Get Back on Track With Your Workout Routine

Chances are your whole life is pretty out of whack right now. The coronavirus pandemic has kicked a lot of people out of their routine, leaving people unsure of what to do with all this free time. Some people work from home, and others aren’t so lucky. Staying busy is imperative, and one of the best ways to stay busy and stay healthy is by creating a new routine—one with active movement at the forefront. Now is the perfect time to get into a solid movement regiment. Take a look at our guide on how to get back on track with your workout routine for some key tips and tricks to making this stick—pandemic or not!

Start Small and Build Up

One of the biggest mistakes people make when getting back into a workout routine is that they try to do too much too fast. Even if it hasn’t been that long since you last worked out, the current climate has shifted your routine a lot. This means that you need to give yourself some time to adjust. Don’t go 0 to 100 or you won’t stick with it.

Make It a Fun Habit

If you force yourself to work out, but you dread it, then there’s a problem. Being stuck at home means you’re not going to be super inclined to force yourself to do anything, which is why you need to make movement a fun habit—at least until you get more into a routine. If you hate lifting weights but love to dance, make it a habit to do 30 minutes of Zumba every day. You can work the weight in later once you’ve established your routine. Make it fun first, and then refine it later.

Don’t Compare

If you used to be a whiz in the gym but haven’t worked out in a few months, then you need to cut yourself some slack when you start to work out again. Your body is not going to be in the shape it once was, and that’s okay. However, it will hurt you if you push yourself too hard or get mad at yourself because you can’t do as many reps as you used to.

Secondly, try your best not to compare your current situation to the situation you were in a few weeks ago. Gyms are closed and it’s easy to right away get down on yourself and the situation, getting angry that there’s no place for you to work out. Use this situation to round out your capabilities and try something new. Comparing old to new never got anybody anywhere.

Try Something Different

In that same line of thought, with gyms closed, you’re going to be forced to try something different. Get excited about that! You now have the time to try out some of those MMA training videos you’ve been looking at to improve your flexibility (it’s important; try it). Take this time to do something you couldn’t otherwise see yourself doing—you may love it.

Shut Down Excuses

Most importantly, it’s time to shut down those excuses right when they pop into your head. You don’t have the excuse of not feeling comfortable in the gym. You don’t have the excuse of not having enough time. This is the perfect opportunity for you to make movement a key part of your routine; don’t waste it.

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