How to Choose the Best Workout Clothes

Have you ever come home from leg day and realize that your leggings were see through? Or sweat so much your shirt turned a different shade? You may be working hard, but the clothes you’re wearing shouldn’t show that. In a world where a pair of leggings is a click away, it’s more important than ever that the clothes we’re choosing to sweat in stand up to our gym routine. Avoid the embarrassment of see-through leggings and a soaked-through shirts and follow our guide on how to choose the best workout clothes. From paying attention to the fabric to doing the squat test before you buy, we’ll make sure you feel 100% confident in your athleticwear purchases. Check it out!

Pay Attention to Fabric

Look for moisture wicking

The fabric of your workout clothes plays a massive role in your comfort. You don’t want to work out in clothes that make you feel uncomfortable, and for a lot of people, feeling soaked in sweat is a sure way to discomfort. To keep that from happening, choose clothes made of moisture-wicking fabrics. There are tons of breathable synthetic fabrics that “wick” the sweat away from your skin, keeping your body cool and evaporating sweat quickly. These are great fabrics for those workouts or activities where you know you’ll be sweating a lot.

Avoid fabrics that don’t breathe

In a similar sense, don’t pick fabrics that keep sweat in and generally don’t breathe. This means it’s time to put down the pieces made out of rubber- or plastic-based materials. These won’t just lock in sweat but will more than likely raise your body temperature as well. If you don’t want an uncomfortable workout, then you must avoid these.

Air on the side of caution with cotton

Now, this depends on what kind of workout you’re doing, but typically, you’ll want to be a bit cautious with cotton. When you’re doing a high-intensity workout or activity that you’re bound to sweat during, then cotton isn’t the fabric you want. It absorbs the sweat but doesn’t pull it away from the skin or help it evaporate quickly. If you’re not going high-intensity, cotton is a comfortable choice—just pay attention to what clothes you’re buying and for what activity.

Find the Perfect Fit

Choose between loose and just right

Once you’ve narrowed down to your ideal fabrics, you need to pay attention to the sizing and fit of your clothing. Discomfort while working out can also often come from clothes that are too tight or too loose. Nobody wants to constantly hike up their leggings or pull down their too tight top. Do yourself a favor, and pick clothes that are closer to the “loose” range—especially for tops. For leggings, tighter might be a better choice. A general note is that you don’t want clothing that gets in the way of whatever activity you’re doing. Boost your confidence and pay attention to fit before you buy.

Tailor to specific activities

As we briefly mentioned, you don’t want your clothing to get in the way of what you’re doing. If you’re big into yoga or Pilates, then you’ll want stretchy, fitted fabrics that wicks away sweat and moves easily with your body. If you’re a runner or biker, then you’ll want to avoid wide-leg or loose-fitting clothing. Think about what activities and workouts you do the most, and then see how your outfit choices can make your workout run seamlessly.

Comfort is key

In general, comfort is key. If you’re worried about your chest popping out of your shirt, pick a style with a higher cut. If you’re tired of constantly pulling up your leggings, make sure to pick high-waisted leggings. There are so many different styles out there in the world—make sure you’re picking the clothes that build your confidence both in and out of the gym.

Don’t forget about what’s underneath

Your work isn’t over once you’ve sorted out your perfect legging and shirt combination—you can’t forget about what’s going on underneath. A solid, supportive sports bra is an absolute must, especially when it comes to comfort and usability. It’s not as easy as picking the sports bra in your favorite color. You have to pay attention to its impact level, the straps, and whether they’re encapsulated or compression bras. If your sports bra isn’t comfortable, you won’t be comfortable.

Other Important Tips

Do the squat test before you buy

This is probably one of the biggest tips we can give you on how to choose the best workout clothes. When it comes to the pants and leggings you’re wearing, you need to choose a pair that’s high-waisted, moisture wicking, and squat proof. Like we said, one of the worst things is coming home from the gym to find out your leggings are in fact, see-through. Keep this from happening and do the squat test before you buy—try them on, look in the mirror, and try out your deepest squat. Sometimes even the thickest looking fabrics are see-through once stretched. If you’re buying online, look at reviews and see what people have to say! At Celestial Bodiez Collective, we pride ourselves on our squat proof leggings—we want to make sure you’re as comfortable and confident as possible while you build up your strength.

Pay attention to the seasons

Not all workout clothes are meant for you to wear them year-round. If you exercise outdoors or play any seasonal sports, then what you wear to workout will have to change with the seasons. For warm weather, moisture wicking fabrics are a must; dress in cool and comfortable clothing for maximum comfort in the heat. When it’s cold, dress in layers—yes, you want to dress warm, but your heart rate will escalate, and your body will warm up. In general, it’s a good idea to bring an outer layer to protect your skin in case it rains or gets windy!

Don’t forget about footwear

Please, don’t just head to the gym in the pair of Nikes you’ve had for years. Help your body out and pick the right shoes for the session you’re having. Your feet need different support for the activity you’re doing. When you don’t pay attention to footwear, you’ll end up a lot of strain on your body.

If you want to give your body the best workout clothes, take a look at Celestial Bodiez Collective. We want women to feel as confident as possible in their bodies while they’re working out. We have everything from high-quality, high-waist scrunch leggings to supportive sports bras. Take CB Collective with you to the gym—you won’t regret bringing this power duo to the gym!

 How to Choose the Best Workout Clothes