How Athleisure Became So Popular

The days when you can slip into your favorite pair of leggings and a nice sweatshirt are much better than the days when you have to button up into a suit. Thankfully, the creation of the athleisure trend has made it more acceptable to wear your favorite workout leggings while you run your Saturday errands. Most fashion trends come and go, but we think athleisure is here to stay. Below, we’ll delve into how athleisure became so popular, touching on the different reasons this trend is wonderful and here to stay. Read on!

Brief History

Before we explore the three main reasons athleisure became so popular, we have to first talk about the history and expansion of this trend. Some may say that this trend came to fruition when Chip Wilson started Lululemon in 1998. But others may argue that athleisure didn’t gain true popularity until 2014 when Beyoncé released her Ivy Park collection with Topshop. Though the origins are often debated, the truth is clear: people love this cool, effortless, yet comfortable style. Those who have an affinity for fitness and health have a style that matches up with their needs, without necessarily looking like they just left the gym.

Market research company the NPD Group reported to CNBC that the US athleisure market was valued near $46 billion in 2016. According to Grand View Research, the global athleisure market size was valued at $300 billion in 2018. As more people crave the trend, the more the market grows. It’s a trend that’s not going out of style any time soon. Below are a few reasons why.

It’s Innovative

People have searched for the ultimate comfortable clothing for years. In some decades people gravitated toward velour sweatsuits, while others embraced colorful windbreaker pants. Athleisure has finally hit the target on what people have been looking for. It’s something they can wear to work or for going out if they dress it up, then easily transform that into their gym style. Leggings especially have this power to transform into the purpose you need. This sort of innovation was what people were looking for.

It’s Comfortable

Like we mentioned, people have been begging for comfortable clothing for years. Athleisure provides just that. Companies choose fabrics that are soft and smooth, but not see-through. They’ve created high-rise leggings, so people feel more comfortable running around. They’ve created tops that hold the chest in and are stylish enough to wear to brunch after working out. The comfort of these clothes come from the fact that they’re designed to fit fluidly with the body. They’re working with the body to showcase it, rather than work against it.

It Encourages a Fitness Lifestyle

Our last reason we believe athleisure is so popular is because it encourages people to pursue a healthy, fitness lifestyle. Gone are the days where people couldn’t find the right tops and bottoms to fit their needs for their workout style or their body type. With the creation of items like squat-proof leggings, women don’t have to worry about anything showing through while they take on leg day. Being active doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people, but with the creation of comfortable, innovative clothing that builds their confidence, living an active lifestyle comes that much easier.

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