Happy Pisces Season!

Feb 18th - March 20th...Happy Pisces Season!

Pisces season is the most dreamiest of them all. Led by the artistic and intuitive energy of the Pisces, these next few weeks will be some of the most magical of the year! Ruled by the planet Neptune, those who are born under the Pisces are known for their traits of selflessness, emotional adaptability, and extreme self expression. Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, Justin Beiber, and Jon Bon Jovi are just a few of some of the most famous members of team Pisces.

This season is the time to celebrate the mystical energy of the Pisces and the exit of Mercury’s first retrograde of the year, ending on February 20th (hurray!). During this season, it may be beneficial to hone into your connection with the universe and be in tune with your gut feelings. This is not the time to be naive, take investigation into every venture and opportunity that presents itself during these next few weeks. Let go of past tensions, as the last sign of the zodiac the Pisces reminds us to let go of wounds that we may have accumulated during this time and reflect on how we can cultivate growth from the pain we may have experienced. 

Channel the romantic, mysterious energy of the Pisces with Celestial Bodiez Collective! This season’s pick is the My Fav Dress, available in both Lunar Black and Black Panther. Whether you wear it with your favorite white high top sneakers for a casual, flirty look or take it to another level with your hottest black heels, the versatility of My Fav Dress allows for all signs of the zodiac to rock it in their own way. Dress it up with our Rebel Denim Jacket for extra flirt and sass. Additionally, our booty scrunch leggings are the perfect addition to any closet this season. 

The CBC team is also highly influenced by Pisces energy; this season we are celebrating our Pisces queen team members Maysa and Gab! I had to ask them what their favorite aspect of being team Pisces was:

Maysa: “Day dreaming all day baby, my favorite thing”

Gab: “Mine (proudest Pisces moment) is that I share a birthday with my mom”

May this season bring a stronger sense of intuition, romance, creativity, and inner peace to all of the CBC fam this next month. Until Aries season…

-xoxo, Mary (your CBC Aquarius rep)