Best Undies To Wear With Leggings

Nothing is worse than wearing the wrong kind of undies in a workout. Athletic gear is typically form-fitting, so you want something that won’t get all bunched up while you’re working out. Some people prefer having no visible underwear lines, whereas others don’t mind. Regardless of your preference, some options work better than others. Keep on reading if you’re interested in figuring out the best undies to wear with leggings.


If you are someone who absolutely doesn’t want underwear lines, a thong is your best option. A thong doesn’t have any material in the back that would create a visible underwear line. Thongs are often associated with discomfort, but that is purely a misconception. Although thongs are not for everyone, many women prefer them when wearing leggings.

Seamless Undies

Thongs aren’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you must deal with underwear lines. The best undies to wear with leggings are seamless undies. Seamless undies are a great option because they come in many styles. Thongs can be seamless, but so can bikini-style or boyfriend-style undies. Whatever your preference, there’s likely a seamless option. Seamless undies are comfortable and can feel like you’re wearing close to nothing. As the name indicates, they’re seamless and don’t show through leggings. They’re also breathable, which makes them perfect for a sweaty workout. If you’re wearing leggings with a scrunch back, seamless undies are the ideal choice.

Lace Undies

Lastly, lace undies are an option for anyone who doesn’t want to stray too far from their ordinary attire. Many lace undies on the market are very thin, breathable, and comfortable, making them ideal for working out. They’re a great option for anyone not comfortable with a thong or seamless undies.

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