8 Fire Tips for Improving Your Fall Fitness

With summer lying down to rest, that puts a lot of people’s outdoor workout plans on pause—or so they think. The thing is, just because we don’t have the sweltering summer sun to increase our sweat intake, there’s still plenty of exercise options once the temperature drops a bit and the leaves change.

For others, the problem doesn’t come from the fall breeze but from losing out on motivation. The fall aesthetic is all about cuddles and movie nights, not daily swims and lots of exercise. Well, it’s time for you to change that aesthetic—you can still embrace all the coziness of fall while crushing your exercise goals. Need some tips for improving your fall fitness so that you can maintain your summer workout momentum? We’ve got just what you need below!

Create Fall Fitness Goals

Your first step to improving your fall fitness routine is creating goals and sticking to them. Think about why summer fitness tends to be so successful. Is it because most people feel lazy and unmoving during the winter or spring? So that, when they have the opportunity, they tackle that movement? Try to pull from that same motivation with these goals—there’s only so much outdoor workout time left; how will you make the most of it?

Your goals can be anything from working out outside at least two times a week to reaching a personal best for your running distance by October. Whatever it is, list them out and keep them present so that you always have a reason to get motivated.

Get Creative

Once you’ve created your goals of how often you want to work out, how much muscle you want to build, or even how you just want to feel better, you can get creative with how you plan to reach those goals. You may not get as many of the water activities on your to-dos, but there are plenty of other fun fall fitness activities to make up for it.

  • Do a trail running circuit: skip the treadmill and go for a trail run to get even more of your body involved.
  • Turn TV time into exercise time: if you didn’t get your daily workout in, yet still have time to watch your favorite show, add some crunches, abs, ad squats into your watch time.
  • Complete a pumpkin workout: whether you use a pumpkin or a medicine ball, the thought’s the same. Do some step-ups, lunge twists, and squat thrusts—all fall-themed with a pumpkin.

Take Advantage of the Weather

Along that same mindset, take advantage of the weather. You may not be able to go on a run in a sports bra and spandex because of the chill, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get something out of the weather. Enjoy the cooler temperatures and go for plenty of walks, hikes, and bicycle rides while the weather’s still nice enough to do so. Head to a park nearby, go kayaking (bundle up a bit more!), or make a workout out of raking leaves. There are plenty of fitness opportunities in the season, you just have to take advantage of them.

Workout With a Friend

Working out with a buddy is always a smart move, just make sure you’re smart about it during the pandemic. Go on some cool morning walks, or head to the park and do some hill-sprints together. Exercising together will give you more motivation to accomplish your fall fitness goals, and they’ll help hold you accountable—which is always essential when Halloween movies call your name.

Integrate Movement To Your Schedule

One of the most important tips for improving your fall fitness has to do with integrating movement. During the summer, it’s easy to head on walks for your breaks because you want to enjoy the sunshine. That’s the same mindset you need to stick with in the fall—get moving as often as possible. Keep going on those walks, do some yoga during your lunch break, or get some exercise in while your kid’s at baseball practice. Whatever you need to do, get that movement in; daily movement should definitely be on your list of fall fitness goals!

Be Prepared for Darkness, Early

Fall fitness doesn’t work for some people because they forget about it getting darker out early. Don’t be one of those people—just prepare. If you like cycling, make sure your bike has a light on it. If you go on runs, make sure your clothing has some reflective material on it. You may even need to switch up your exercise schedule so that you can move before it gets too dark. Change isn’t a bad thing!

Pay Attention To Clothing Choices

We just touched briefly on clothing in regard to darkness, but what about clothing in its ability to make you feel good fast? Here at Celestial Bodiez Collective, we firmly believe in the power of a good ‘fit—especially when it’s fall, and especially when you’re lacking that motivation to get moving. Put on a pair of BootyScrunch high-waisted active leggings and you’ll be ready to tackle raking leaves, morning walks, or hill-sprints.

In addition, make sure you’re layering up. Windbreakers and vests are key—but try not to get overdressed. You don’t want to overheat. Go for moisture-wicking clothes that are breathable so that you don’t have to worry about getting too hot.

Implement Rejuvenation Practices

This tip may seem strange, but the reason your fall fitness may fall flat is that you’re pushing without being centered. Those goals we talked about above? If you don’t have them in place, written down, or thought about, then you won’t stay motivated. If you’re struggling to get through workouts, then maybe it’s time to pause, rejuvenate, and move forward.

Implement some yoga into your schedule. Make sure that you’re eating to energize your body. Get quality sleep each night. Meditate and center yourself on your goals and wants. Start a daily gratitude journal. Just do what you need to do to ensure that you’re gassed up and ready to attack your goals. If you’re not, you won’t crush them, or at least it won’t feel as good as it could.

We hope these tips help you conquer all of your fall fitness dreams. And when you need some fresh new ‘fits to fuel your fire, look to us. Our new collection has the orange you need in leggings or tops to tackle your goals. Shop now!

8 Fire Tips for Improving Your Fall Fitness