5 Powerful Tips for Wearing Activewear All the Time

There’s something powerful about a great pair of leggings. No matter where you’re headed, the right pair builds your confidence and your strength to get through any adversity the day throws your way. The best part is, with the right leggings or the perfect top, you can keep that confidence all day long, not just when you’re at the gym. If you want to keep that bold confidence with you throughout the day, take a look below at some great tips for wearing activewear all the time.

Stick to a Neutral Palette

Your first go at athleisure wear may not have worked out if you wore your neon-yellow leggings to work. Those may bring that much-needed confidence while you’re working out, but for work, keep your confidence with neutral pieces. Wear your favorite neutral pair of leggings. Highly patterned pieces can seem aggressive outside the exercise environment. Prioritize monochromatic palettes and keep the vibe consistent and powerful.

Mix “Gym” Pieces With Your Regular Wardrobe

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they try to wear activewear all day long is that they wear exactly what they wore to the gym. Sure, you may not have worked out in it, but you’ll look much more gym-like than fashion forward. To really nail the look, mix “gym” pieces with items from your regular wardrobe. Pair your favorite pair of leggings with a comfy sweater and sneakers. Blend jeans and a leather jacket with activewear pieces like sneakers and sports bras. Aim for a well-balanced look.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Up your athleisure game by accessorizing appropriately. Enhance your personal style in a sophisticated way. Add your favorite baseball cap, a stylish backpack, blackout sunglasses—whatever little piece boosts your confidence. Sometimes all you need to take your look from gym to brunch is a leather jacket and baseball cap.

Pick Pristine Pieces

Wearing gym-inspired clothes to brunch with the girls is great, but gym-inspired does not mean ratty leggings and your old college tee. The condition of your activewear says a lot about your overall style and care, so make sure you’re paying attention to the pieces you’re picking for the day. Keep your shoes clean, your leggings smooth, and your tops free from holes. It will elevate your whole look to something much stronger.

Mimic Your Normal Style

Lastly, if you want to wear activewear all the time, then you need to try to mimic your typical style. If your normal style is mostly black and flowy, you don’t want to switch suddenly to neon spandex. Choose pieces that have a similar vibe to the rest of your wardrobe. Choose joggers instead of leggings, opt for only a little bit of print instead of full-body patterns. Your style is exactly what you make it. Remember—when you look good, you’ll feel good, and in turn you can do good.

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